“Part of the benefits we enjoy from God is his blessing that is upon the fruit of the womb of every believer that has hearkened unto his voice”.

At The Hope Valley Clinic, we imbibe the tenets of the above quotation.

We are aware that couples having difficulty achieving conception naturally are prone to enormous amount of emotional stress, both from within their relationship, from society and family alike. To this end, we have a full time professional counselor at the unit who specializes in couples under-going fertility treatment.

These services are offered free of charge to our patients.

Counseling sessions, which have been proven to be very beneficial in alleviating stress, fear and anxiety of the kind encountered by most patients are arranged by the patient coordinator.

Sessions are strictly confidential and are conducted in the serene environment of the counseling rooms at our facility.

The role of the counselor is to carefully assist and guide the couple in exploring and evaluating all treatment options.

Counseling is a part of the treatment that makes the difference in your care.

“With our Counselors You are Never Alone”