The Human Fertilization and Embryology authority of the United Kingdom makes it mandatory for all registered IVF Clinics in the UK to have an ethics committee.

As it is at the moment, Nigeria has no such regulatory body as it exist in the UK.  The Hope Valley Clinic Ltd, from inception therefore has made it a policy to align and subject itself to the requirements, demands and regulations as it applies to IVF clinics in the UK.  This ensures that the clinic continually renders good quality services to our patients.

The establishment of an ethics committee is one of the considerations expected of a standard IVF unit. 

Our ethics committee, established since 2003 consists of professional and lay people with diverse religious inclinations. They meet on a regular basis to deliberate on ethical issues that may arise in the course of managing our patients.  Such issues include:

  1. To advise the clinic in solving many difficult ethical issues.  These cases are discussed individually.
  2. To ensure that ethical standards are adhered to in the course of managing our patients.