Hope Valley Team

The Hope Valley Clinic is very committed to sub-fertility treatment and our team is very proud in presenting the best in terms of clinical and scientific personnel in the field of reproductive medicine.

Our team of Doctors, fertility nurses, embryologist, counselors and administrative staff are led by Dr. Michael Ogunkoya. He is at the forefront of new developments in the field of reproductive medicine.

The Hope Valley Clinic was set up and managed in collaboration with a team of British Fertility experts from a leading London Teaching Hospital – St. Bartholomew hospital and the Royal London School of medicine until 2005 viz:

Dr. Michael Ogunkoya (M.B.B.S; D.A.; F.H.C.O.G; F.I.C.S.)
Medical Director
Dr. Michael Ogunkoya is a renowned Chief Consultant Gynaecologist and fertility specialist who has worked extensively in various regions around the world including Teaching Hospitals in England, Wales and Hungary

Professor Ovrang Djahanbakhch
Clinical Head
Professor Ovrang Djahanbakhch is a Professor of Reproductive Medicine who gained widespread recognition in the area of Assisted Reproductive Technology at the St. Bartholomew Hospital, University of London.

Ms Pamela Turner
Chief Scientist/Embryologist
Ms. Pamela Turner, in association with Professor Ovrang Djahanbakhch set up the Bridge Centre Fertility Unit in London 18 years ago. Similar ventures have also been setup and successfully run by this duo in Yugoslavia, Italy, Kuwait and Turkey.

All members of our team, including the Medical Director, mandatorily attend national/international conferences and seminars in order to keep our knowledge of reproductive medicine updated.

The team holds regular clinical meetings and presentations, in order to improve individual knowledge and skill thus improving our performance.

The clinic’s magazine “The Fertility News” is published quarterly. The topics treated therein address current and relevant issues as it relates to fertility and sub-fertility. Contributing writers are mainly members of our team with cutting-edge knowledge of reproductive medicine.